Monday, April 18, 2011

Shield mock-up

In addition to other mechanics, our game is going to incorporate a shield mechanic.  The game is one-hit kill but the shield can be used to protect yourself from bullets at times. 

A lot of shooters have meters that you have to keep an eye on while playing, but they're usually at the bottom of the screen.  Since it's really important to keep your eye on your ship, this can be inconvenient.  We both wanted to have a visual indication of the shield being low on the ship itself somehow.  Originally we were going to have both an external shield meter and have the center of the ship change color.  I was going to keep the bigger meter on the side of the screen because that little colored area wasn't always going to be visible. 

We had already incorporated this circle around the ship for another mechanic though and so today I was thinking about it and decided to have that double as the shield meter.  I think this will work a lot better.


  1. Hello,i've look at the alpha version and really like the art direction of your game!, nice idea of Shielding meter's visual mechanic ,but i'm still not sure after i look on alpha build video on how big of the shield's roll in the game ,did it will play part in scoring? or it's purely for defensive purpose? I mention this because i've played so many games that shielding mechanic plays a huge roll in gameplay i.e.
    -Gigawing (Reflect barrier for bonus medal/survival)
    -MarsMatrix(Reflect barrier for Survival/hold for bombing/increase exp. cube in order to level up the ship)
    -Karous (absorb barrier to gain more power up)
    -Radirgy (absorb barrier to gain multiplier)
    -Samidare (absorb barrier for temporary power up and *16 multiplier)
    these are ,imo, good example of shielding mechanic games that i've played to the certain extend. i hope they can be a good use to your project in the future,i'll be looking forward for your games, Cheers!!

  2. So far the way our shield will work is most similar to Mars Matrix. There's no bomb though and you have more control over where you fire the bullets back. The shield lets you temporarily grab the bullets out of the air and fire them back at the enemy. That's not all the shield is there for though. That's only one of the functions.